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Message from the Worshipful Master

It has become a TRADITION for the Master of Lodge #27, in his ensuing year to come up with a theme My theme for 2017 is “Tradition”

“300 years of Tradition, A millennium of History, The Face of the Future”

300 hundred years ago in London England 1717, The United Grand lodge of England was formed by a group of men in a back alleyway tavern called “The Goose and Gridiron” During this meeting the Rules and Regulations were established for all lodges and are still followed to this present day.

TRADITION - Freemasonry has been mentioned in the Bible on numerous occasions, especially around the Building of King Solomon’s Temple, who according to the Bible built that Magnificent structure. It has also been mentioned and noted in several manuscripts from famous Archeologists that the “Working Tools of a Mason” have been found in the hieroglyphs of Ancient Egypt dating back to the 4th and 5th dynasties 2490 B.C.

It is my personal Belief that if we stay True to our past Themes of RELEVANCE, FRATERNITY, CONTINUITY, and ACQUIESCENCE, we shall keep our TRADITIONS intact and Oshkosh Lodge #27 will be “The Face of the Future”

I look forward to Fun and Exciting year as your Master, and I would like to thank all of my Brothers for giving me this Wonderful opportunity

Joel A. Porst
Worshipful Master of Oshkosh Lodge #27


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